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Postdoctal Associate for Solid-state materials related to battery applications
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Apr. 10, 2018
  • Postdoctal Associate for Solid-state materials related to battery applications
  • University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong Joint Institute
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Shanghai, Shanghai
  • Open until filled
  • Available Immediately
  • Graduate Student
  • Materials Sciences/Polymer Sciences
    Chemistry - Physical
    Chemistry - Inorganic
    Chemistry - General
    Sciences - General
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Our group is actively recruiting highly motivated postdoctoral associates and graduate students to perform cutting-edge research on (1) material- and system-level studies of solid-state materials for energy storage devices (e.g., Li-ion, Na-ion, Mg-ion and solid-state batteries) or (2) real-time spectroscopic and scattering studies of materials synthesis. The aim of our research is to unravel the fundamental correlations between chemistry-structure-performance of functional materials, and to develop a comprehensive understanding of the governing chemical and physical principles for the formation of materials under various synthesis conditions.

We welcome candidates from all disciplines of science and engineering, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering and Physics. While we are a strong experimental team, we tackle challenging science and engineering problems through a combined experimental and theoretical approach. We work closely with research groups from leading institutions in U.S. (MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Stony Brook, Maryland) and in U.K. (Cambridge), and with beamline scientists from Advanced Photon Source, National Synchrotron Light Source, and Spallation Neutron Source in U.S..

Our group is part of the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiaotong Joint Institute, located in Shanghai, China. The Joint Institute, founded in 2006, is the result of a strategic partnership between two top universities in the U.S. and China. The Joint Institute expects to become an internationally visible research institution on par with elite US universities.

We provide competitive salary of 270k RMB (or 43k US dollars) per year and housing allowance. Typical employee benefits of Shanghai Jiao Tong University will also be provided.

We ask those interested send their CV to the principal investigator. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other related questions. We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

Shou-Hang Bo (
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering,
University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiaotong Joint Institute

Selected Publications († equal contribution, * corresponding author)
1. P. Canepa†*; S-H. Bo †*; SG. Gopalakrishnan; B. Key; WD. Richards; T. Shi; YS. Tian; Y. Wang; JC. Li and G. Ceder "High Magnesium Mobility in Solids: An Investigation of Ternary Spinel Chalcogenides," Nature Communications, 2017, 8, 1759
2. YS. Tian; T. Shi;W. D. Richards; J. C. Li; J. C. Kim; S-H. Bo* and G. Ceder* "Compatibility issues between electrode and electrolytes in solid-state batteries," Energy & Environmental Science, 2017, 10, 1150-1166
3. H. Kim; J. C. Kim; S-H. Bo; T. Shi; D-H. Kwon and G. Ceder "K-ion batteries based on a P2-type K0.6CoO2 Cathode", Advanced Energy Materials, 2017, 1700098
4. S-H. Bo; Y. Wang and G. Ceder "Structural and Na-ion conduction characteristics of Na3PSxSe4-x," Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, 4, 9044-9053
5. S-H. Bo; X. Li; A. J. Toumar and G. Ceder "Layered-to-rock-salt transformation in desodiated NaxCrO2 (x < 0.4)," Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28, 1419-1429
6. S-H. Bo; Y. Wang; J. C. Kim; W. D. Richards and G. Ceder "Computational and experimental investigation of Na-ion conduction in cubic Na3PSe4," Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28, 252-258
7. S-H. Bo; C. P. Grey and P. G. Khalifah "Defect tolerant diffusion channels of Mg2+ ions in ribbon-type borates: structural insights into potential battery cathodes MgVBO4 and MgxFe2-xB2O5," Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27, 4630-4639
8. J. Ma†; S-H. Bo†; L. J. Wu; Y. M. Zhu; C. P. Grey and P. G. Khalifah "Ordered and disordered polymorphs of Na(Ni2/3Sb1/3)O2: honeycomb -ordered cathodes for Na-ion batteries," Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27, 2387-2399
9. S-H. Bo; K. W. Nam; O. J. Borkiewicz; Y. Y. Hu; X. Q. Yang; P. J. Chupas; K. W. Chapman; L. J. Wu; L. H. Zhang; F. Wang; C. P. Grey and P. G. Khalifah "Structures of degraded and delithaited LiFeBO3, and their distinct changes upon electrochemical cycling" Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53, 6595-6595
10. S-H. Bo; F. Wang; Y. Janssen; D. L. Zeng; K. W. Nam; W. Q. Xu; L. S. Du; J. Graetz; X. Q. Yang; Y. M. Zhu; J. B. Parise; C. P. Grey and P. G. Khalifah "Degradation and (de)lithiation processes in the high capacity battery material LiFeBO3" Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22, 8799-8809

Please reference in your cover letter when
applying for or inquiring about this job announcement.

Contact Information

  • Shou-Hang Bo
    University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong Joint Institute
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    800 Dong Chuan Rd.
    Shanghai, Shanghai 200240


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